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Mission of Shri Vraj Kamad Surabhi Van evam Shodh Sansthan


The main Objective of Shri Vraj Kamad Surabhi Van evam Shodh Sansthan is to protect and preserve the entire Gauvansh of Braj Area. This means protecting and providing shelter to all the cows wandering on Braj area. Other honorable objectives of Sansthan are-

  • Pure breed cows– The cow is not only an important part in our agriculture but also in our economy. India is agriculture based economy, therefore our prime objective is also to provide pure breed cows and distribute them in the village at subsidized rate. Thus taking benefits from the rich people by getting their help and support for the Gaushala. Also, for buying the useful as well as the waste products from the villagers.
  • Measures of taking care– Secondly, after having pure breeds of cows, calves and oxen from the farmers; there’s a call for maintaining their heath. Thus, this step is concerned about our duty to provide proper care taking measures for a healthy living of mentioned cattle.
  • Hospitals for cows– Our other motive is to open hospital for cows, calves and oxen. This is to provide them with free checkups by fully dedicated team of doctors. As on this date, we have four permanent doctors who are working in the Gaushala round the clock.
  • Gurukul– for imparting the cultural values– Gurukul is the name used for schools in ancient India. This is the place where our cultural values are inculcated in the students. This modern Gurukul will help educating the children about our culture and ways for protecting it. It is a step to preserve our roots and value what we have received as gifts from the holy mother land. For example- our cultural values include- the importance of cow protection unlike the importance of eating beef as per western education.


Protecting the heritage


To conclude, we may sum up with the point that cows form important part of lives. Saying practically, is our duty and responsibility to provide them a healthy surrounding and hygienic food as its products (whether milk to drink or cow dung for manure) are ultimately going to get consumed by us in one way or other. If a cow eats waste, like the cows without shelter, as we see on our streets, the quality of products it gives then, also have the chances to get affected or even infected. Thus, ensuring their healthy living is our call of duty. Constructing and maintaining Gaushala is one way to preserve the cows. However, giving donation (money or in kind) to a Gaushala is the simplest way for helping to empower Gaushalas for a better provision of facilities for cows kept in it.

Help protecting the mother cow now!


Enabling Gaushalas to become Self-Substainable #SriMalookPeeth
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