From Hurted To Healed

Saved the cow from her own halter

How many times we have seen a cow with a halter atop its face? And how many times have we ever thought of the possible pain the cow has to endure with the halter? Gone are the days when a simple handmade rope was used for the head gear. With the advent in technology and innovation running to its full brim, people are looking for easier options like headgear in nylon, poly rope and even leather. But is it enough that you get a head gear onto the cow? What happens if the cow outgrows that halter?

Halter turns destructive

When a cow outgrows its halter or the head gear, it can be quite painful to the animal. And what we see here is an abrasion on the nose which has turned severe due to negligence on the part of the owner of the cattle (if there was a owner). The rope which was used to tie for head gear has cut into the skin as she grew up and has caused severe abrasion. The abrasion has later turned into a wound of massive proportion, literally peeling away the skin on the front of the nose.

Getting to the wound

We had a difficult to time to get to her, she was wild and ferocious and obviously in pain. And the pain caused her to resist the help that we were offering even more violently. It took us a long time to hold her and remove the rope that is causing her the damage.  And when we were finally able to remove the rope, we were shocked to see the amount of damage it has done to her skin or rather the jarring absence of the skin on the front of her nasal cavity.

It was quite clear that she has had that halter for a very long time, even for years. She could not have simply outgrown it overnight. It must be months before the headgear became too tight for her face and started cutting into her skin.

To the rescue

Thankfully it was noticed by some kind hearted person in the locality who contacted us to aid the ailing animal. The wound has been present for quite some time now and it has already eaten away most of the skin. Also there was severe infection due to the wound not being treated for so many days.

We are always saddened when we come across animals that are wounded due to negligence and when it is the cows, which are known as a giver by nature, it saddens us deeply so. We took to the task immediately and were happy to know that the wound can be healed and the cow can be restored to a better health condition.

What did we do?

To start with, we had to cut off the old halter and remove it very carefully without hurting the animal anymore than she already was. Then we cleaned the wound thoroughly and removed any dust/ dirt or other particles of rope sticking onto the left over skin and muscles. It was quite tough considering that the animal was in immense pain and yet we had to do what we need to, so as to bring her back.

Once the wound was cleaned with water and antiseptic, we used a moist bandage to wrap around the wound, ensuring that there is a lot of padding to give a soft cushion to the wound. We had a specialist veterinary doctor to attend to her wounds and make stitches where necessary.

The wound was attended to everyday by special and trained professionals with extreme care and caution. The bandage was removed everyday to change into a new one. And before wrapping the bandage the wound was cleaned, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines were applied and proper caution was exercised when wrapping it back. She was given nutritious food everyday along with other prescribed medicines from her veterinarian.

And she was healed!

It was definitely a huge achievement that after the first few days, the cow was more helpful and cooperative with our care. With proper nourishment provided everyday on time and with proper shelter, the recuperation happened in the matter of a few weeks. It was astounding to see that the wound vanished as if into thin air, leaving behind a very mild scar which is hardly noticeable as days pass by.

It was the day of joy for all of us here when we finally got to take the bandage off completely and she could return back to her usual routine without the hindrance of a bandage around her nose. And her happiness was quite evident in her behavior. She was ferocious and attacking initially, when she was in pain. But now it was a pleasing experience to see her being soft natured and calm around her caretakers.

What do we learn?

If you go back down the history lane, you will find that cows were worshipped with ardent reverence by our ancestors. The bulls and the cows were given the halter only during their working period and every day the farmers or the cowherds removed the headgear to give the much needed relaxation to the cows. The change of headgear when it is worn out and ensuring that the head gear is adjusted according to the cow’s facial measurements ensured that the animal has to never suffer from abrasions of the rope.

Now in this modern era, we are so focused on our own well being that we forget that nurturing our cattle is the best way for long term prosperity. As they live longer, they give you much more. Please do not neglect your cows or any cattle for they feel the same pain and agony as you and I would do when we are left unattended in injury. We are really glad that this white bovine was brought to our notice and we could ensure that the bovine was restored to her best condition as possible.


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