Shree Ganeshdas Bhaktamali Ved Vidyalaya was established in the year 2017. This Vedvidyalaya is run and administered by Shree Malukpeeth Seva Sansthan Trust and Shree Golok Vrindavan. Presently about 51 Batuk Brahmacharis (students) are being imparted education.

Main objectives of the establishment
  • To develop youth and social and spiritual personalities representing India who can guide humanity across the globe
  • Developing human intelligence for global welfare rather than self

From childhood, the development of those youths in whom the following qualities are generated:

  • Self-reliance instead of taking service from others
  • Challenges instead of comfort
  • A dynamic routine instead of a sedentary lifestyle which is the mainstay of a strong and healthy body
  • Steady mind instead of fickle mind
  • Honest and decent character instead of unethical and corrupt behavior
  • Inclusivity instead of isolationism
  • Universal unity instead of self centered approach
Current Education system
  • Free education (Class VI to XII) is being provided to the students and teachers including boarding and lodging.
  • Students stay in the school till the completion of their education.
  • There is a provision of education system under NIOS
  • Apart from studying and practicing the subjects daily, the daily routine of the students includes the following important activities:
    • Trikaal (three times) sandhyavandan, chanting of Gayatri Mantra a specified number of times and samidhadan (sacrifice/havan) which takes place both in the morning and in the evening.
    • On-ground activities include playing (physical activity) for one hour.
    • Balbhog, Rajbhog and Byaru (morning breakfast, afternoon prasad and night prasad) are provided to the students on time. Milk is given daily. Quality food is prepared by appointed chefs.
    • Proper medical care is ensured when required.
    • Administrative work is being handled by independent staff.
Future plans
  • Immediate construction of Ved Vidyalaya (Class VI to Class XII) with other necessary infrastructure for about 350 students and 20 teachers
  • Land is available with us. We are looking for generous donors who can come forward for this important work of construction.
  • Research work in Vedic Sanskrit literature.
  • Formation of Autonomous Sanskrit University.
The proposed Vedic School will include the following minimum facilities:
  • Rooms for permanent residence of students
  • Rooms for permanent residence of teachers
  • Rooms for parents/visitors
  • Adequate number of washrooms
  • Class room for students
  • Kitchen
  • Playground
  • Temple, prayer room, sacrificial fire
  • Principal's office and common rest room for teachers
  • Gaushala with adequate number of milk cows and heifers/calves
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